ReSTORED OFFICE EQUIPMENT from Adams Remco combines the highest principles of re-engineering outlined by Underwriters Laboratory as well as our own internal strict standards. The end result of this unique process are systems ReSTORED to an as new condition.


Not every pre-owned copier makes the cut into our restoration program. In fact, only a few select machines are ever chosen; once accepted into this exclusive program they are subjected to rigorous testing.  The machine must pass every phase of the qualification process. Then and only then will the system receive approval and become a certified member of our ReStored Office Product Fleet.


OUR RESTORATION PROCESS begins with disassembling the machine right down to the frame. All areas of the main frame, sub assemblies and accessories are strictly scrutinized and categorized prior to under going an exacting restoration process. Critical parts designated by life cycles from the Original Equipment Manufacturer are replaced without question. In addition, we apply this same methodology to any parts showing the slightest sign of wear or damage. We then focus on cosmetics. Exterior panels are cleaned, painted, or in many cases replaced to ensure a new appearance.


We are proud to adhere to the highest standards of restoring office equipment set forth by Underwriters Laboratory and the original manufacturer. Close observance to these guidelines, stringent internal policies, will make acquiring previously owned office equipment a high quality, safe and economical decision for your business.


Don't buy remanufactured or reconditioned. BUY ReSTORED.


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